Building a Complete Training Journey with Data-Driven Design

Nov 6, 2023

Learning and development (L&D) professionals face many challenges in designing and delivering effective training programs for their organizations. They need to create engaging and relevant content, tailor it to the needs and preferences of different learners, measure the impact of their interventions, and continuously improve their practices based on feedback and data.

The trouble is that these professionals often need to do all this using several pieces of software, involving several direct interventions and a lot of data/content manipulation to deliver a customized output for each case.

Fortunately, there are two platforms that can help L&D professionals overcome these challenges and help scale L&D professional’s businesses through automation and consolidation of services: myQuest and CykoMetrix. These platforms enable L&D professionals to build complete training journeys with data-driven design, from creating personalized learning experiences to evaluating their outcomes, and cross correlating learning improvement data with business intelligence.

myQuest: The Online Training and Coaching Platform

myQuest is an online training and coaching platform that allows L&D professionals to create interactive and blended learning environments that lead to high completion rates, long-term knowledge retention, and effective skills development. myQuest is different from any other learning management system (LMS) or online training platform because it uses a unique approach called action-based learning.

Action-based learning is a method that transforms passive course content into activities and habits that help learners apply what they learn in real-life situations. By doing so, learners not only acquire new knowledge and skills, but also change their behaviors and mindsets. Action-based learning is based on three principles:

  • Learning by doing: Learners are required to complete practical assignments that challenge them to apply what they learn in their own context.
  • Learning with feedback: Learners receive personalized feedback from coaches, mentors, or peers that help them improve their performance and achieve their goals.
  • Learning with others: Learners interact with other learners who share similar challenges and aspirations, creating a supportive and collaborative community.

With myQuest, L&D professionals can easily create action-based learning programs using a drag-and-drop interface that allows them to add various elements such as videos, quizzes, surveys, gamification, and more. They can also use the platform’s coaching and peer learning tools to provide personal and group coaching not only during the in-person sessions but also during the self-paced learning process. Additionally, they can use the platform’s analytics dashboard to track learners’ progress, engagement, satisfaction, and results.

CykoMetrix: The Human Data Intelligence Platform

CykoMetrix is a human data intelligence platform that allows L&D professionals to measure the impact of their training programs on learners’ behavior, personality, competency, attitudes, and values. It includes a comprehensive consolidated assessment product marketplace, track human data over time, and offer automated analytics and report generation capabilities.

CykoMetrix helps L&D professionals scale their businesses by providing a turn-key white-labeled platform that manages all assessment deployment, analysis and reporting function for them, including adding their own assessments to correlate human factors with business outcomes. By using CykoMetrix, L&D professionals can create benchmarks for their learners before, during, and after training programs. They can also use the platform’s reports to optimize productivity, performance, retention, satisfaction, and help their customers hire better.

CykoMetrix’s CEO Jeff Campbell says: “CykoMetrix is an amazing technology company in the business of scaling digital transformation consultancy’s revenues.”

How to Use myQuest and CykoMetrix Together

By using myQuest and CykoMetrix together, L&D professionals can build a complete training journey with data-driven design and automation.

Here are some steps they can follow:

  1. Define the learning objectives and outcomes for the training program.
  2. Use CykoMetrix’s assessments to measure the baseline of the learners’ behavior, personality, competency, attitudes, and values.
  3. Use CykoMetrix to measure important client KPIs to cross correlate against later.
  4. Use myQuest’s platform to create an action-based learning program that aligns with the learning objectives and outcomes.
  5. Use myQuest’s coaching and peer learning tools to provide feedback and support to the learners throughout the program.
  6. Use CykoMetrix’s assessments again to measure the changes in the learners’ behavior, personality, competency, attitudes, and values after completing the program.
  7. Use CykoMetrix’s reports to correlate the assessment data with business outcomes such as productivity, performance, retention, satisfaction, and more.
  8. Use myQuest’s analytics dashboard to evaluate the effectiveness of the program based on learners’ progress, engagement, satisfaction, and results.
  9. Use the data-driven insights from both platforms to identify areas of improvement and optimize the program for continuous development with the current cohort, and for future cohorts.

By following these steps, L&D professionals can create a data-driven feedback loop that helps them design better and build training programs that deliver real value to their learners and allows them to infinitely scale their training business.

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