Proof of Consultation Value

Jul 26, 2023

American consulting company Ed Krow , LLC, was hired by an American company, to improve specific attitudes and soft skills, namely, Dependability, Empathy, Conscientiousness and the most important one for Shanks Extract executives, Agreeableness. Normally, measuring these would require several assessment suppliers, but thankfully, has all the assessments located in one platform.

Using the CykoMetrix platform, Ed Krow deployed 3 assessments to create a benchmark (Pulse 1) for those values using 3 different assessments on the platform: a Big 5 Personality Trait, a Jungian Personality Taxonomy and a Workplace Intelligence assessment.

The consultancy gathered the data about the client team using the included assessments and started targeted training to improve these 4 human dimensions.

After 3 months, Ed Krow and colleagues deployed the same assessments again (Pulse 2) while continuing training, adjusting for discovered personality nuances for each individuals, highlighted by the collected data. They continued the planned exercises and finally made a third and final measurement (Pulse 3) at the 6 month mark.

In the end, Ed Krow LLC could demonstrate that their training had improved the clients’ staffs’ Dependability by 2.3%, Empathy by 5.2%, Conscientiousness by 5.6%, and Agreeableness by a massive 19.5%.

Having proven their training method works, Ed Krow , LLC has suggested to deploy their training and the CykoMetrix tool to all client employees to improve team dynamics.

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