Continuous Development: Emotional Intelligence

Jul 5, 2023

Common Ground is a Canadian consulting company that focuses on creating a caring, inclusive, and psychologically safe workplace in the healthcare, financial, and technology sectors.

In 2023, they organized a short workshop series for a healthcare provider located in Canada’s Capital, Ottawa. The attendees for the series of workshops were all medical doctors, nurses and medical office assistants working under the usual stress felt in the medical profession.

Common Ground deployed a first Pulse using the CykoMetrix platform using the Expanded Schutte Emotional Intelligence Self-Report assessment.  The reports generated produced their Emotional Intelligence and some suggestions for each individual participant, helping Common Ground staff customize the workshop activities to best benefit everyone.  A few weeks later, once the workshop series was complete, the Common Ground applied another Pulse to the same group using the platform and performed a final analysis showing that, as a result of Common Ground’s services, the healthcare company’s overall Emotional Intelligence had, on average, increased by 2.2%. 

This indicates an incremental change in the staff’s ability to manage, observe and use their own emotions in the workplace.

While 2.2% doesn’t sound like much, the increase was achieved after simple workshops informed by valid suggestions made by the CykoMetrix platform.

How much can this team’s ability to use emotions at work increase if they continue applying lessons learned for a year?

What is most important is that with every Pulse from the platform, the consulting company, clients and participants are informed how they can further improve, in line with continuous development best practices.

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